News Updates

Underwriters Laboratories, Suzhou, China

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a recognized leader in safety testing and certification. Coinciding with 30 years long-term commitment with the Chinese market, UL’s investments include establishment of a new world class facility in Suzhou that will consolidate UL’s services in China. The 27,800-square-meter facility follows the LEED certification requirements and will eventually accommodate 800-1000 employees.


Caterpillar Production Facility, Tongzhou

Caterpillar Inc. announced the joint opening of a state-of-the-art proving ground and a large wheel loader manufacturing facility in Tongzhou, strategically located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, near other Caterpillar’s facilities and suppliers. The new operations support the company’s growing operations in China and other growth markets, an important step to continue to strengthen its business model in China.


Wuxi Environmental Testing Bureau, China

WETC new building, located at GaoLang Road and East ZhouXin Road, is a 33,000 square-meter facility that combines several subordinated centres, integrating environment monitoring, law enforcement, early intervention, high efficient instruction and education. It is responsible for a 24-hour monitoring of all indexes related to “water, noise and air”, improving the environmental control in Wuxi.


Sanofi-Minsheng Phamaceutical Plant

This plant is the result of the joint venture of Sanofi and Minsheng Pharmaceutical, focusing on development and production of healthcare products such as vitamins and supplements. It’s located in the Yuhang Economic & Tech. Development Zone, in Hangzhou, and covers nearly 28,000 square-meters. The high quality standards ensure the health and safety of both staff and environment, major principles for Sanofi.